“I had tried everything for my three-year old’s ear infections, including tubes, and nothing worked…nothing, until Dr. McKenna came in to our lives. We just celebrated a year with no ear infections! – Susan J.

“I began chiropractic care with much trepidation. I am 37 and the mother of 7 children. The last 3 pregnancies left my back and hips chronically sore and my left thigh numb to the touch but aching deep in the muscles. Adjustments actually help me feel better and increase my range of motion. I used to tell Dr. McKenna “this is amazing” and he would respond with “No Sara, this is chiropractic”. Chiropractic care has improved my life tremendously!” – Sara S.

“Every morning I didn’t want to get out of bed. My lower back was so painful- I couldn’t stand straight up. Since seeing Dr. Chris, I feel like I’m as mobile as I was when I was 20!” – Karin K.

“I look forward to my visits with Brian knowing that in very short order, I’ll be feeling new energy. This is my first experience with chiropractic and I am an enthusiastic fan!” – Michel M.

“After my second daughter was born, I had chronic hip and lower back pain (for 8 years). I started chiropractic care with Absolute Health, and have been pain free. Adjustments once each month have worked beautifully for me.” –Diana E.

“I am grateful for Dr. Chris. When I first arrived at the office, I had my doubts. I could not lay down at night without pain in my hips. I didn’t know what a full nights sleep was anymore. I had gone from using crutches to a walker to using a cane. I thought the cane was mine for life! After coming to Dr. Chris, I now sleep all night pain free, and for the most part, I walk without the cane.” –Diane W.

“When I came to AHC 2 years ago, I could not walk standing straight. When I walked out after my first visit and ever since, I have had ZERO issues with walking normally!” –Christian N.

“Being 80 years old and having pains due to arthritis, it was suggested to me to visit Absolute Health Chiropractic. After 2 treatments, I knew I wanted to be a patient because of the positive results. In the past five or six months that he has treated me, Dr. McKenna has been able to reduce pain in my neck, shoulders, back, and hip joints. Dr. McKenna is very knowledgeable and caring and he is a very personable professional.” –Mel G.

“My experience with chiropractic care at Absolute Health has been great. Dr. Chris took the time to get to know me and knows how to align my spine with great care. What I love about Dr. Chris is that I never have to tell him what hurts- he just feels my spine and knows what to do. My husband and 2 children, ages 15 and 10, as well as my friends and co-workers all see Dr. Chris, and they are all as pain free and happy as I am.” –Brenda R.

“Knowing Drs. Brian and Chris for years through the United Chamber of Commerce, they were the first ones to come to mind after experiencing lower back pain. I was very impressed with the amount of time they took with me on the first visit. I felt they were 100% into getting me well. I highly recommend Absolute Health Chiropractic!” –Roy Y.