About Us

Absolute Health Chiropractic is committed to providing the best chiropractic care to anyone in need.

We also work in conjunction with various local health care providers including medical doctors, personal trainers, physical therapists, and massage therapists to make sure that each individual receives the care that he or she needs and deserves in order to reach optimal health and maximum potential.

Our goal is to get you as well as possible as quickly as possible. To that end we provide all patients the flexibility to choose which type of care they are comfortable with based on our recommendation. Patients may choose from programs structured for pain relief, spinal correction, and/or the improvement of their total body health and wellness.

Dr. Brian McKenna, President, is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree with a concentration in Exercise Science and graduated with Commonwealth Honors. While at UMass, Dr. McKenna implemented various academic programs that are still in use today. He maintains close contact with his teachers and mentors at the University.

From there he attended Life University where he received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree and also graduated with Magna cum Laude distinction. While attending the University, Dr. McKenna was active in the Student International Chiropractic Association and formed various affiliations with chiropractors all over the world.

Dr. Chris McKenna┬áhas followed a similar path to that of Dr. McKenna listed above. He achieved honors status while completing his Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Massachusetts. While at UMass, Dr. Chris served as a teacher’s assistant in several classes, as well as a lab assistant on many cutting edge research projects. He remains in contact with the doctors and scientists he worked with in order to stay on the forefront of the research.

Dr. Chris also attended Life University, College of Chiropractic, in Marietta, Ga. He again earned honors status in addition to the distinction of finishing third in his class of graduates. While in school, Dr. Chris was very involved with both academics and athletics, and as a result, he was able to establish relationships with some of today’s most renowned chiropractors.

Though both doctors bring their own strengths to the practice, the similarities in their education and training combined with their strong academic backgrounds ensure that when you visit our office you will receive the best in chiropractic care.